A Few Facts about Vista Sand

Vista Sand is well-known in the frac sand industry for mining the best product in all of Texas. The CEO, the leadership team, and every employee who represents Vista Sand are dedicated to delivering a high-quality and cost-effective proppant that meets customer demand. There’s no question that demand for frac sand has increased significantly from oil and gas companies in the oilfield. These companies require a frac sand supplier that can develop cost-effective mine-to-well logistical solutions without sacrificing on quality.


Vista Sand mines its trademarked Texas Premium White frac sand and sells it to companies operating in the southern US.  These companies are looking for a more cost-effective solution as the price of transporting quality frac sand from Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and other states in the Midwest is prohibitive. Texas Premium White possesses the highest “k” factor currently produced in the state of Texas. Texas Premium White comes in 100 Mesh and 40/70. The 100 Mesh possesses 9,000 psi crush strength and the 40/70 possesses 7,000 psi crush strength. In 2016, Vista Sand held 10% of the total US frac sand market and a quarter of the entire US 100 mesh market. It looks to grow even more in 2017.


However, Vista Sand’s CEO and the rest of the team focus on safety to ensure everyone is protected on the job. Vista Sand was recently awarded the Sentinels of Safety by the National Mining Association (NMA), and Vista Sand has its own safety blog dedicated to highlighting safety efforts and showing how to create a safe work environment. Vista Sand is headquartered in Granbury, Texas, and it will open two additional mines in addition to the one mine currently in operation at Granbury.



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